If You Buy Cheap, You Buy Twice

We know that choosing the right Estate Agent to sell your property can be a challenging choice and on the surface, most agents can appear to offer pretty much the same thing!

So why not choose a cheaper, online agent? Their lower fees may seem attractive, but the most important thing to remember is that in most cases, payments to online agents are made upfront. Once you have parted with your cash, will the agents have the know-how and more importantly, the reliability to negotiate all stages of sale from start to finish?

Local expertise, well-informed and dedicated property professionals paired with in-branch proactivity and superb presentation are absolutely indispensable for successfully marketing a property to prospective buyers. This simply cannot be provided from a call centre handling hundreds of property listings, positioned on the other side of the country.

Handling your own property viewings (most online agents will require you to do this) may not seem like a problem. However, when an agent shows a property, immediate feedback can be gathered from buyers, who might not have been so frank with sellers directly. This allows the agents to fine-tune their marketing efforts continuously. Thus sincere, prompt and thorough viewing feedback is surely one of the most compelling reasons for appointing a professional and reputable estate agency to represent you in your sale.

And what about qualifying potential buyers adequately, managing a difficult chain, facilitating financial services, regularly liaising with solicitors or handling a sale price re-negotiation? These are common issues that can arise throughout the process which need to be handled by a well-trained, experienced and professional estate agent, assigned to focus solely on your case. Many home-movers have reported struggling to speak with their online agents on a regular basis to iron out problems, potentially leading to a weak sale with a higher chance of falling through when something goes wrong.

These vendors then often find themselves listing with a high-street agent, regretfully having to swallow the money already paid to their previous, unsuccessful online agent.

It is these pitfalls in the standard of service provided by online agents and therefore a slim chance of repeat business or recommendations from previous clients, which raises the principal question – will the company itself have the longevity needed to last until Completion Day?

With the recent news regarding Emoov (along with its subsidiaries Sarah Beaney’s Tepilo and rental agent Urban Sales) going into administration, it is clear that the above is not the case for some online agents. Thousands of Emoov’s vendors have been left out of pocket, wondering ‘Will I get my money back?’

We have already spoken to several of these disappointed vendors, who are now in the process of having to find another agent, with an additional fee, to help them successfully sell their home.

At Leonard Gray, it is the personal elements of our business, alongside competent and experienced application, that makes the difference to your move. Such proficient service usually comes at a price, however we are dedicated to offer what we believe is the most reliable, honest and genuine service in the Chelmsford area, for a lower fee than you might have expected from an agency of our calibre.

We may cost a little more than our online counterparts – but it might just save you money in the long run.

Kate is a skilled Negotiator, working for several years in the local property market helping both buyers and sellers alike. She is friendly, enthusiastic and always looking to help, with paramount customer service at the heart of everything she does.