29.26% of all house sales collapsed in 2015… not at Leonard Gray

One of the most worrying elements of buying and selling a house is the concern that the whole thing might fall through. At Leonard Gray, we go to great lengths to ensure that a chain not only remains intact, but also that the time between finding a buyer and exchange of contracts is reduced to the absolute minimum.

Leonard Gray significantly outperforms the market


Fall Through Rate*

Leonard Gray
Fall Through Rate*




* Average across the 4 quarters of 2015

Figures are calculated by measuring the stage between agreed offer, and successful exchange of contracts.

Q4 market rates saw a marked improvement as buyer realism sets in

The average house sale fall through rate for Q4 2012 was 19.82%, meaning one in five sales failed to reach completion, a marked improvement on Q3 when one in three sales fell through.

Over the past two years, there’s been an increase in buyer realism. Buyers are less likely to submit offers without being reasonably sure that they either have the cash readily available, or have an agreement in principle on a mortgage.

So how does Leonard Gray continue to outperform the market for abortive sales?

Andrew Hunt, Branch Manager explains “Telling a client that their sale has fallen through is one of the worst parts of our job and we’re very proud of the fact that it doesn’t happen often. We have always rigorously evaluated the likelihood of an offer being successful before passing it to the vendor. Many agents win their instructions on the strength of their marketing, but its has been proven time and time again that it’s what the agent does at the point of offer onwards that can make all the difference to a successful sale first time around.”

Combining the estate agency and conveyancing service can also make a huge difference.

Whilst many firms claim to offer an inhouse conveyancing service, it is very unusual for it to be under under one roof. Our sales progressors and conveyancers work as a team in the same building to reduce unnecessary delays and provide a smooth service for the client.

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