Taking Advantage of the Leap year

This year is a leap year – the 29th February only occurs every four years – which is about as frequently as many people used to move house during the heady days of property speculation that sparked the boom market.

Nowadays most buyers and sellers are more level-headed and don’t leap from place to place quite so often. They tend to move for “real” reasons such as a change of job, children on the way, downsizing, debt, divorce etc. These “real” sellers tend also to quote realistic asking prices, as their main objective is to move, rather than simply to sit on the market hoping that someone will buy their property at that flatteringly inflated figure an over-optimistic agent suggested they should quote in order to get the business!

However, with the recession firmly behind us, people are once again considering moving on, especially those who were apprehensive about doing so at a time when there was uncertainty about the future of house prices. Things have certainly stabilised since then!

With continuing low interest rates, improving economic forecasts and spring in the air why not take a leap of faith yourself this leap year and make a move? Do bear in mind that others will have the same thoughts of course, so ideally aim to sell before competing properties flood onto the market as they traditionally do during the spring. That way you’ll be able to achieve a good price for your sale, whilst putting you in a strong buying position so that you can take advantage of the choice that we expect to become available over the early summer months.

And if you are not ready to leap, don’t wait till the next leap year in 2020. Who knows what opportunities might have been missed by then!

If you’d like to discuss your options please feel free to call us on 01245 266765 for an initial and confidential chat. We won’t push you, but we might help you leap!